Normal Post Removed

Yesterday there was a premature publication of a post on the topic of normality. I am at home again now and will work on a proper discussion of the topic and publish it ASAP.

I am embarrassed to have published it before it was ready. I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Now back to the drawing board!!

Originally posted 2016-01-10 08:06:19.

3 thoughts on “Normal Post Removed

  1. egwrd

    Karen – Your posts are so amazing! You should not be embarrassed that you prematurely posted a blog post. I’d love to hear your analysis of Louisa’s wardrobe in S7. I know you had a marvelous post awhile back on this topic but I think it is worth a revisit to discuss Louisa’s clothing choices for this series. It seems to me that they have in some ways made her a female version of MC. She only wore dresses, even when they went on the picnic to the beach. Many of her costumes in prior seasons were jeans and capris and casual clothes. Not in S7. What do you think?

  2. Post author

    Aren’t you nice! Another look at the wardrobe and what they chose for this series is a good idea. I will add it to the other posts I have planned to write.

  3. mmarshall

    Your dresses comment: I have thought that in S7 Louisa seems to me to be turning into a little bit of ME and ME is becoming a little like L. How she dresses is one aspect — all dresses now, more formal attire, her behavior is more stiff and guarded, she gives mono-syllabic answers, is low on details and is curt to other townspeople, like the realtor who is showing them the small cottage who tries to talk to her about the upcoming school year. Martin, on the other hand acts uncharacteristically thoughtful — bringing Louisa flowers before dinner, choosing a meaningful restaurant and table, helping with the baby, accepting a noisy and untidy house and reaching out sympathetically to others like Ruth (thought he has always been deeply concerned with his aunts’ well being). Karen had a great blog a while back on S7 being and inverse of S6 and perhaps this is a bit of the inverse effect.

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