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  1. MARJE

    I believe Martin is somewhat an introvert in that he feels the niceties of life are a drain on him. He seems to feel he is above the people he deals with every day. (of course he is highly educated and some might call him a genius). He does not mind being alone it seems. He wants only Louisa and JH, no one else matters to him. He cared about Joan and Ruth to some degree, but did not really seek them out very much. While some introverts are shy, Martin is not. I see him as engaging in conversation only when it is educational, interesting, etc.

  2. Carol

    This is fabulous! So so true. I have always thought of myself as such an extrovert also, but have finally realized that a lot of that is behavior I learned. There are certain things that I do that when I finish I have to literally come home and nap.

    If there is another season or a movie, BP really needs to do an episode on using the MBTI. They could have so much fun with that! Just imagine Louisa reading the results and saying, ” Ooooohhh. Okay. This makes sense now.”

    Great article and post.

  3. Linda D.

    I really enjoyed the article and the comments about being an introvert. It really made me think about myself! I realize, like the author of the article, that I sell myself as an extrovert when in fact, I am an introvert. This has really made me think about why I feel the need to behave this way. Over the years, especially when I drank quite a bit more, I was the life of the party, hopefully not obnoxious, but perhaps just funny. When I worked with kids as a teacher, I wanted my classroom to be a fun place to learn and I worked very hard to achieve this. I don’t think I did it just to be popular because I really enjoyed it. I like people and when I am in the mood, I enjoy engaging them in conversation. But, more and more, I find when I am out, I just wish to be home – “nesting”. I realize I have a VERY short attention span and I like to make a swift and clean exit. Now comes the problem. I am married to a chatterbox who NEVER makes a clean exit even after I give him “the look”, “the head snap in the direction of the door”, or start walking. I have a permanently injured neck from craning backwards to see where he is. This, my friends, has been my life with him. Have I mentioned he whistles ALL the time? That drives me NUTS, but, I digress.

    When I was in Port Isaac this May, I was DETERMINED to get a picture with Martin Clunes and anyone else I could find. When that precious moment came, I nearly backed out. But with a huge deep breath and an admonition to my sister that I would kill her if she botched the shot, I lurched forward. I politely engaged him in conversation, which began with him noticing my Canada sweatshirt, (good plan since I didn’t have a dog), and finally got up the nerve to ask if he might pose for a picture. Was I breathing? Not sure. Do I remember anything he said. Definitely not. Did the picture turn out. Yes, thankfully. Afterward, I felt like I had returned from the International Space Station and my sister is still laughing about watching me bopping around on the beach at Port Gaverne as if these people were my very best friends on earth. Later that day, my introverted side was pretty proud of my extroverted side as I scrolled through my precious, once in a lifetime pictures! Oh, by the way, the whistling chatterbox left hours ago to run AN errand, and is not yet back. No doubt he had to go to Tim Horton’s and met someone to talk to there!

  4. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Your comment was so open. Lucky for you your husband probably doesn’t read this blog!! I think we can all agree that our spouses can have annoying habits. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amy Cohen

    I just sent this to my husband with the caption, “Who does this sound like?”

    Perhaps this is why on some level I can relate to Martin—although I certainly am not as rude or dysfunctional! I think…. 🙂

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