Hello Doc Martin TV show lovers!

Hello all fans of the Doc Martin TV show! I know there are a lot of you out there all over the world and I want to connect with you! I’m starting this blog because I can’t believe that I couldn’t find any site where there was an in-depth discussion about the show. I’d love to get a lively discussion going about all sorts of subjects. Please write comments!!

Originally posted 2013-08-05 15:37:33.

5 thoughts on “Hello Doc Martin TV show lovers!

  1. Lynn

    I, too, love Dr. Martin and have for a number of years. So many times I’ve wanted to discuss some of the meaty issues raised in the show that lie beneath the terrific humor, but Doc Martin is not the typical water cooler show. Your analyses of some of these issues is really interesting, insightful and refreshing. I just saw an interview with Claire Bloom, Martin’s mother, discussing her character–it’s fascinating what she has to say. Keep watching and discussing.

  2. Biffpup

    Thanks for the blog. Good stuff. Very interesting. I have to tell you, however, that there is a place where tons of analysis (and some say over-analysis) and in-depth discussion of Doc Martin has been going on for a long time. At Digital Spy there’s a Doc Martin forum. It’s currently in part 16 now (it started around the time of S3). Right now, with the new series being aired, it’s very, very active. Here’s the link:


    Attn: Lynn, where did you see the interview with Claire Bloom?

  3. Biffpup

    Hi, Lynn, I just realized I probably should have replied to you to ask this question. Where did you see the interview with Claire Bloom? Is it online? I’m very interesting in hear what she has to say about her character on Doc Martin. Thanks.

  4. Mary H.

    Hi, I am so delighted that I found this blog, and have spent an entertaining couple of hours reading the posts. So very insightful in your comments, and made me realize that there are more deeper issues going on, than I had contemplated. (I’m not very ‘deep’ myself!). However, I’ve loved this show since discovering it, have watched 1-5 seasons so many times, I nearly can recite the dialog, and yet I’m still laughing (or crying!) and catching things I missed on other viewings. I’ve watched Season 6 on Acorn, ordered the dvd’s, and can’t wait (and hoping so much for..) Season 7. The acting & writing in this show far surpasses anything else I’ve seen to-date. I was hoping that Season 6 would show a bit of Doc’s struggle to interact better with his wife & son since he evidently realizes he has a communication/intimacy problem. Maybe we’ll see more of the struggle and not just his ‘shut-down’ in Season 7. Thanks for writing this blog. Will be back to read more of your thoughts!

  5. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    It’s so nice to have you as a reader. As you know I very much agree with your assessment that the show is excellently written and acted. I do have more posts to write and I plan to do so very soon. I’ve never written a blog before and find myself astonished at how much I have found to write about.

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