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In watching S6 E1 again, I noticed that during the walk in the woods Louisa runs down the hill where Martin’s fallen and says, “Catch me if I fall.” He does catch her as she reaches him and I suddenly realized that could be a foreshadowing of when she gets hit by the car and, next episode, has an AVM. Martin definitely catches her when she falls at those times. That is basically what marriage is about, he falls and she goes after him trying to comfort him, then she falls and he catches her. Very nice metaphor!

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  1. Carol

    Love that. I really appreciate how you are tying these things together. Makes you really appreciate the thought that goes into each of these episodes to make them fit. These people must sit for months and just knock ideas about in order to have a cohesive program, and maybe that is a part of why we can’t stop watching. Also, I think that having Netflix, AcornTV , etc., and being able to watch the episodes one right after the other helps in seeing the things that tie them together.

    Thanks for another great post. I have been spreading the word.

  2. Post author

    Thank you Carol. It’s nice to have someone who likes what I’m writing. I definitely love having the ability to watch the episodes whenever I want to. I’m up for any and all comments!!

  3. Peggy

    ABOUT JACK LOTHIAN: You couldn’t be more right about the excellence of Jack Lothian’s writing.

    Did you also notice that series 1 and 2 were almost entirely written by the fabulous literary Dominic Minghella (whose last name is the anagram source for “Ellingham”), some with, some w/o his famous sister as co-writer? Then beginning series 3… renowned Director Ben Bolt wrote episodes (only one for S6 and did not direct any of S6). Jack Lothian and Richard Stoneman were added to complete DM’s superb writer staff. My point is that it seems brilliant writing brought to life by excellent, superb actors and meticulously appointed settings is why the show is consistently such a feast for us all. I can’t get enough of it and have developed a huge crush on Martin Clunes! (laugh) Have a look at the list of episodes written by Ben Bolt (who directed many more Doc Ms than he wrote) and the romantic, funny episodes written by Richard Stoneman. It’s easy to see why these 3 writers enjoy industry awards and great fame for their works. They never fail to deliver.

    P.S. Isn’t it sweet how Martin Clunes includes his daughter for DM “walk on” when he can? Daughter Emily is the pretty little blonde girl who gives Louisa a bottle of water after Louisa fainted while reading “Once Upon A Time…” to children seated seaside. “Are you alright Miss?”… as she handed Louisa the bottled water. Well done.

    Then in Series 5, episode 08… an older, taller, pretty blonde girl (Emily Clunes) asked the dance teacher who paused in pain while rehearsing children outdoors for their musical… “Are you alright Miss?”. A nice family bit that the show likes to do. I enjoy reading about it in the filming promos.

    SELINA CADELL: They also had a silent customer receiving her pkg and change from Mrs Tishell (Selina Cadell) when DM impatiently walked in. The young woman (looked about 25 or 30 yrs) is image of her Mom, looks like a younger “twin” of Selina Cadell… same big eyes, mouth and jaw line… no mistaking their familial connection… plus tv guide/uk explained her walk-on. Just a little added fun that I enjoy reading about in the TV buzz about how they do things. I thought you’d like to know too.

  4. Post author

    Thanks for the info about the family inclusions. I was somewhat aware of that, but my emphasis is more on the ideas the show gets into. I definitely have been paying attention to the writers and the episodes they each are credited with. If you know what industry awards they’ve won, could you please tell me about them? I appreciate the comments and am really glad you’ve read the blog.

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