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I know this isn’t a topic that may be as popular to DM lovers as others, but as a PSA I feel the issue of vaccines for children is very important. So I’m posting this article as more evidence that when ME tells Louisa that children should be vaccinated, the show is providing an extremely helpful bit of info.

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  1. Joan Yow

    I agree that Doc Martin provides useful medical information like his comments on vaccines. Other useful information includes the overuse of antibiotics as a cause of superbugs that antibiotics can’t kill. He eats a lot of fresh fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. He runs around a lot to help his patients so this is a plug for exercise. I wonder if the UK is ok with dual relationships like Martin treating his aunts and Louisa.

  2. Post author

    Thank you for your comments. I have written before about the vaccine issue when I wrote about the reliability of the internet, but this article really highlights the issue. I agree that the overuse of antibiotics is a serious problem too. M definitely brings up eating a healthy diet, and seems to follow one too, but there’s also a lot of humor associated with it, including watching one’s weight and not liking to eat anything that might bleed. Also, buying a fish becomes a joke of sorts. As far as running to see patients-I don’t think I would go so far as to say he does it for exercise. To me it’s both an exaggeration of his need to take care of patients and funny because his manner of running is so stiff and awkward. When it comes to treating his relatives, I doubt it’s acceptable in UK any more than it is here unless it’s an emergency. Most physicians don’t want to treat their relatives for fear of making a mistake, but I have known some to give vaccines and other meds at times. He’s the GP for the village and might be allowed to deal with minor health issues in family like hormone supplements. Until he operates on L, his care of family has remained pretty limited and simple except for operating on L’s mother in his surgery. That occasion was a stretch for me!

  3. Santa Traugott

    In the schoolroom scene when he goes to confront Louisa,at Aunt Joan’s prompting, after he knows she is pregnant, he appears to think she will be seeing him for prenatal care and is quite hurt when she tells him her records were sent to Truro. But of course she was right: “that would be ..odd” — for him to treat her. Odd at the very least.

  4. Post author

    Exactly! What woman would want her spouse or significant other to do regular exams on her? They’re not in the backwoods somewhere! Do you think his position is another sign that he can’t help relating to her as a patient despite their personal connection?

  5. Post author

    Another thing-M doesn’t only want to treat her because he sees her as a patient. He thinks he’s the best doctor around and he wants to be a part of the pregnancy care. That’s why he asks if he shouldn’t be taking her to her appointments and why I think he would have gone to the labor and delivery classes with L, no matter what Edith thinks.

  6. KR

    Karen, I agree — Martin certainly would have gone to childbirth classes and appointments w/ Louisa; most likely to check up on the quality of medical care she’s getting. Even though S4 is far behind us, I always thought that Louisa went a bit overboard on pushing Martin away. And wished that Martin would have been more communicative about his hopes to participate in her life and pregnancy. Well, this just back to all of those old problems they’ve always had….communication….communication….communication.

    I just hope that if S7 is the last — they at least get this basic issue sorted, so we can leave PortWenn and L and M with a feeling of hope. (The end of S6 was just so unsatisfactory for me).

    Thanks again for your insightful blog.

  7. Post author

    Thanks again for reading and commenting. It’s always nice to know there are a few people out there reading the blog!

  8. Santa Traugott

    So, so unsatisfactory. But if they had given us a “happy” ending like S4 and S5, I don’t think it would have been credible. Twice now, we’ve seen things degenerate pretty rapidly. So why would we believe in another rosy wrap-up? No, I have to believe that S6 is Part One of this story, and S7 is Part Two. They have eight episodes to make it at least somewhat believable that this time, it will stick.

  9. Post author

    I’m with you on the 2 part idea. The end of S6 left too many things up in the air. On the other hand, they might have wanted to have an open ending. It looks like there will be a S7. Now we have to hope the cast all make it back.

  10. KR

    Santa, you’re so right. I think that with Martin’s illness this summer, they really didn’t have time to wrap 6 up credibly w/ a happy ending…or maybe they really did plan to leave it up in the air (feeling confident there would be a 7).

    I think you guys are right about S7 being a continuation of 6. I think 5 ended happily b/c they didn’t really know if there was going to be a 6. But, now w/ the end of 6, they do know there’s going to be a 7. In the FB pages, it’s reported that Martin has said 7 is THE LAST (we’ve heard that before….).

    For what it;s worth, I bet 7 will be the last — there’s just so much will they/won’t they we can take! They have eight episodes to tie up the personal issues, relationship problems, throw in a few funny medical things, and leave us feeling good. Tall order, but I’m sure they can do it. … at least I’m hoping so.

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