Phrases and actions that are repeated

As I’ve watched DM, I’ve noticed that now and again there will be a comment that one character makes that resurfaces as something another character says later. I guess you could say turn around is fair play! I thought it would be fun to list the ones I’ve noticed and see if there are others anyone else knows of. I bet there are more. Here are the ones I’ve come up with so far:

Martin tells Edith he accepts her apology in S4E1; she tells him she accepts his apology in S4E8. In both cases neither of them actually apologizes.

Martin tells L she has bad breath in S1E6. Louisa is embarrassed and buys mouthwash. Edith tells ME he has bad breath in S4E3. He is later seen using mouthwash.

Martin calls the pub owner an officious oaf in S4E8; Penhale calls the airport security guard an officious man in S6E8.

Martin calls several people morons throughout the series; he’s called a moron by the caravan owner in S6E1. (It’s also great that Martin is always rejecting the dogs that hang around him and in this episode the caravan man tells Martin that his dog Edna is a good judge of character. This time she might reject him!)

Joan tells Martin that people don’t change in S3E5 and Martin disagrees saying they can if they want to. Ruth tells Louisa people don’t change in S5E6 and Louisa retorts they can if they want to.

Louisa tells Martin in S5E5 that she’s stuck in the house with JH and Martin: “It’s just you and me and the baby.” In S6E1 she tells Martin at the lodge that she is alone with him, but this time she’s happy about it: “It’s just you and me.”

There are also a couple of occasions when certain actions are repeated:
Louisa’s young neighbor is about to leave her house without her baby son in S4E6 and has to be reminded to take him; Margaret walks off without JH in S6E7 and is reminded by Ruth to take him.

Martin walks down the aisle in S6E1 to look for Louisa and we see him from behind; at the end of S6E8 he walks away from L and we watch from behind as he walks down the hall. Both times he’s all business and things are a bit uncertain, although the last time has a cloud over it.

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24 thoughts on “Phrases and actions that are repeated

  1. Karen

    S6e1 Martin tels Louisa that he’s going to need her help with the “surgery” on the farmer’s nicked artery. He says he’s going to need her help in s6e8 (last episode) before operating on Louisa. Different types of situations, of course….but they seem to be bookends for the seies.

  2. Linda

    When Martin moved into the village, we saw the two moving vans followed by the silver Lexus going up the hill to the surgery. When he was leaving in s4, the same procession was repeated with the two moving vans followed by the silver Lexus going down the hill.

  3. Theresa

    In S1E4 talking about Louisa Mark says to the Doc “Sometimes, between you and me, I go pass the school just in case I can catch a glimpse of her” and then in S2E8 the Doc says to Louisa “All I think of, every day, is just catching a glimpse of you”.

  4. Post author

    I mentioned that in a previous post comparing the two episodes and then forgot it in this post. Thanks!

  5. Linda

    Another one I just thought of was. In S6 – At the school concert when the blonde lady asked Martin if JH liked music he replied “he’s a baby”. When Martin told Louisa that JH liked Mike she came back with “he’s a baby”.

  6. Santa Traugott

    In S5, E1, they repeat a couple of lines, by having the opposite character repeat them. So Martin asks to stay the night “May I stay?” which is an echo of Louisa’s question at the end of S3E1 “Can I stay?”

    Then, in S4, E2, in the confrontation in the schoolroom scene, Martin tells Louisa that it must be hard for her to teach where she used to be head. And in S5, E1, Louisa tells Martin that it must be hard for him (galling) to see a different doctor in his shoes.

    My guess is they did that on purpose.

  7. Post author

    Those are excellent and I am certain they did all of these on purpose. We’re just having fun recognizing all the times they repeated lines. I think it’s just as much fun for them to throw in some repeated phrases as it is for us to spot them.

  8. Linda

    I think it was in S3 that Auntie Joan told Martin he and Louisa were like “chalk and cheese”. In S6 Aunt Ruth told Martin that he and Louisa were like “chalk and cheese”. I don’t know if Ruth was aware that Joan had already said that.

  9. Post author

    Yes! I remember that phrase being repeated too. I love that expression.

  10. Stephany

    Eye patch – Louisa and Jennie “Pretty pirate” Martin and Burt

    “Silly Daddy” Louisa when the bottle cap explodes and the Librarian at the baby play group

    James gets formula face splashed (“silly daddy “incident) and he gets back at “daddy” latter ep. with well aimed food

    I laughed so hard, Stephany

  11. Carol

    Just rewatching S2E4 Aromatherapy. At the end of the episode we see Louisa looking at Martin with ?? in her eyes. Then we watch him walk out of the hospital. Reference now S6E8. Breaks my heart both times

  12. Post author

    I see what you mean about that walk in S2E4. I also just thought of another action that was repeated. Louisa rests on Martin’s shoulder in S1E6 and Jim Selkirk does the same in S4E5. M’s not so happy about Selkirk’s head being on his shoulder.

  13. Linda

    In “On the Edge” Auntie Joan said “apology accepted” to Martin after he accidentally shot her. At the time I thought it was an Ellingham trait.

  14. Stephany

    Accidental shootings! Martin shooting Auntie Joan in the leg, PC Penhale shoots himself in the foot. The ranger shot off his rifle (always rifles? do they use the same one?) a couple of times, at the “greys” and in the woods at the poachers. The neighbor from her bed. S6E1 during the honeymoon – the farmer shooting at foxes, then the confrontation at the farmers shack – the use of the rifle must be significant – Louisa even gets into the act.

  15. Post author

    Yes and there was Phil Pratt and Michael, the strange young man living next door to the farm when Ruth moves in. It is always rifles and it would be fun to compare them and see if they always used the same one. I haven’t come up with a meaning and will think about it some more.

  16. Linda

    S5E1 When Martin is buckelling Louisa and the baby in, he said “it’s different now that it’s here”. Louisa looked so happy and hopeful when he said that. I thought she showed the same hopefulness in the last scene os S6E8.

  17. Post author

    I find the last scene, and the last episode, filled with hopeful signs. I think Louisa is supposed to be a little uncertain at the end of the episode, but I tend to agree that the signs are good that their relationship is once again headed in a good direction.

  18. Linda

    I just re-watched S6E1 and noticed that Ruth said that same phrase again to Al in the kitchen of the surgery. She was having a glass of wine and Al was having a beer as they waited for Mike to arrive. Al was wondering how Martin and Louisa would be enjoying their night away. She said “like chalk and cheese”.

  19. Post author

    Yup, both Joan and Ruth like that expression. I do too. When I first heard it, I had to look it up to see its derivation. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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