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As promised, I want to republish posts from years ago. The decision to do this stems from new readers being unfamiliar with the early posts in the blog and asking questions or making comments about issues we’ve covered.

I want to note that some of the posts were written before the end of S6 and we have now, of course, been through S6 and S7. That means that when I wrote some of these essays, I was unaware of what sorts of actions would take place in future episodes and sometimes I was motivated to return to the same subject despite thinking I had written sufficiently about it.

I thought it would be a good idea to group the posts in categories based on their subject. That should make it easier to read through the posts and comments about one subject without wondering if there were more.

It’s interesting to reread my thoughts on these subjects. For the most part, my views haven’t changed much. Occasionally I might have wanted to tweak something here or there, but I’ve left them as is. I look forward to seeing if new readers or regular ones have something to add.

I am starting with the posts about “Change” because that has been the most important theme of the show. It has come up again and again throughout the term of the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if we continue to see it rear its head in the future. Whether people can change, should change, and how to institute change, engages us in issues related to philosophy, psychology, and sociology. By the end of S7 we’ve been presented with the paradox between the importance of individuals changing to improve their lives and the recognition that “we are what we are.” It seems there is no simple answer to this matter, but we can’t help noticing that it’s been a topic addressed often in the show.

Following this post I will republish my previous 7 posts on “Change,” and you’ll see how I have continued to look at this topic and try to make sense of how it functions in the show. Please scroll down to the first post titled “Can People Change?” and read the progressive posts starting from there until you arrive at the last one which was titled “Change! What Is It Good For?”

Originally posted 2016-05-22 16:20:32.

6 thoughts on “Republishing Posts

  1. Amy

    Thanks, Karen—I look forward to reading these (though I am still on the road). You say to scroll down to the first post, but when I scroll down, I am not seeing that post, just blank space below the comment box info.

  2. Post author

    I hope you can scroll down through the republished posts beginning with the post titled “Can People Change?” I think you can search for the word “change” and all of the posts about that topic will come up, but in reverse order. At least they should be grouped together. Fingers crossed.

  3. Santa Traugott

    Amy, the way I just did it is to go to the May 2016 Archives and keep scrolling down. When you get to the first “change” blog, keep on going until the last one — i.e., the first posted. they are in reverse order of when they were originally published.

  4. Amy

    Karen, have you republished more posts? I don’t get notifications of the republished ones apparently so I don’t know when to check. It’s too bad that they are not treated as new posts so I would get the usual notification of a new post.

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