Another new post in process.

I have given some thought to another post. It requires some research and some reflecting, but hopefully you’ll find it worth the wait. I enjoy doing the prep even though it can be time consuming. Will hope to publish it soon…

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10 thoughts on “Another new post in process.

  1. Theresa

    I am so glad to hear that you are working on more posts. I look almost daily because I enjoy this so much but my goal is to take the time to post a comment rather than just read what others have written. Thanks to you and to all those who contribute their thoughts.

  2. Post author

    It’s so nice to hear that you check so often, Theresa. I’ll do my best to get the next post up soon.

  3. barb alcala

    I agree with Theresa. I too anticipate your posts, Karen. I check your site and three others on a daily basis. And I too enjoy the comments of others and would add some of my own thoughts if I thought they would gather some “ah ha…interesting, I hadn’t thought of that before” comments. My one year anniversary is approaching (middle of July) when I watched Doc Martin for the first time. I am totally and unashamedly hooked and can’t get enough! It’s such a comfort to know so many friends (fans) feel the same. Thanks Karen for your enthusiasm and work!

  4. Post author

    Thank you Barb! I only know about readers of the blog if they post a comment. So I have no idea how many times people check it. It’s really so wonderful to know that you are out there and interested. I will get to work right away and try to publish a new post ASAP. Please feel free to write comments and don’t worry about their significance. I’m happy to hear from everyone!

  5. Linda

    I am thinking that you should start a blog about the significance of Martin’s wardrobe or his “armour”. What message does his wardrobe convey? It IS part of why they call him a “tosser”? How significant is it? I wonder about how he keeps his suits clean and in good repair when he is so often working in the muck and gore. Why does he never “dress down”? Louisa looks professional when she goes to work, but she wears jeans at home. I can’t figure out where she puts her clothes or if they do laundry. They always look pristine. I guess it is silly to worry about how they keep house and do the stuff we ordinary people do – vaccuming, laundry, grocery shopping etc. It could provide some comic fodder here and there. Also, do they go out for drives, to sightsee, or do things recreationally? It seems like they eat (sparingly), clean up the kitchen, and he tinkers with clocks. They NEVER sit in the living room or watch TV. I think it would be fun to see them bathing James Henry! Just a thought.

  6. Linda

    Also, what will they or can they do with Mrs. Tishell in Series 7? What about Joe Penhale? I’m guessing Bert and Jennifer will be good together and Al and Morwenna might get together. Will Al and Ruth make a successful venture of the B and B at the farm?

  7. Post author

    Thank you for all of your comments Linda. I really appreciate them!

    I have noted a few things here and there about their wardrobes and about their lack of closet space. I definitely think both of them dress more upscale than most of the townspeople and that’s one way they are well matched. His suits and the fact that he rarely takes his jacket off, not to mention wearing casual clothes, are certainly used to represent so many of his character traits: being uptight, being isolated from others, being closed off, being unable to relax, being the consummate professional all the time. They are also a sign of his orientation to routine. We don’t see them doing laundry or other mundane chores, but we know he irons his boxers!

    Louisa has gotten less likely to wear jeans, even at home. I can’t remember a single time we see her in jeans in S6. I’m sure that is meant to subtly contribute to how she’s changed too.

    As far as groceries, we do see him pick up fish and veggies and Louisa carries grocery bags at times. We’ve seen them go out for nappies and to the small market for odds and ends (or bits and pieces). There is that funny scene after they’ve brought the baby back home and M has returned from identifying Joan’s body when they go to pick up a few things and M asks L where she feels sore. Another time when humor is used to soften the serious event of his aunt’s death, including his recitation of stats related to heart attacks in UK.

    But we don’t see much of these every day tasks and I have suggested that instead of L wanting M to go away for a weekend, she should start with something much smaller, like a walk. A drive would be good too, or a picnic. He can’t handle hotels and the upheaval of travel with a baby, but there are many other options that might work. Maybe we’ll see them try some of these soon.

  8. Post author

    All good questions and situations that they will take up I’m sure. What are your guesses?

  9. Linda

    What if Mrs. Tishell did something heroic? Does she always have to be a bufoon? Maybe something that even ME would have to admire? Maybe she could get into medical marijuana and have an adventure with that? As for Penhale, he has shown he can perform well in important situations so maybe he too can save a life or do something heroic which will improve his reputation in the village. Might he save the life of a lovely damsel who becomes his love interest? Or, maybe he gets testicular cancer after all and the village supports him through to recovery.

    Al and Ruth can have some funny adventures with B and B. There are endless possibilities for fun there – a famous guest, harbouring fugitives etc. The B and B could become wildly successful – setting Al on a path to his destiny. Ruth could write a book about all the interesting guests who come – and upset all of them by analyzing their personalities!

    Al and Morwhenna could finally see the humour in their chance meeting on-line and keep the dialog going so they learn new things about one another. She could have a love interest that makes Al jealous or vice versa.

    Bert and Jennifer could really turn the restaurant around and it could become Portwenn’s new, “hip” dining destination. Jenny could open a competing pharmacy or she could start dispensing medical marijuana, much to Mrs. Tishell’s disdain! Jennifer could put Bert on a diet and get him exercising.

  10. Linda

    What good ideas! It would be so funny to see Martin taking Louisa and James out for a drive or a picnic! It was funny when he starting talking about where she was sore, right in front of so many people! Hilarious. I wish he had gone to Spain just so we could see him on the beach in his suit. You are right that he is stuck in his ways and routines regarding his clothes. We’ve only seen him a couple of times without his jacket and tie and with his sleeves rolled up. Even if he did that when he was at home it would be better. Does he bath the baby in his suit? I’ll bet everything of his goes to the dry cleaner and that is where his boxers get ironed. He used to wear normal pj’s in the early series but has changed to the “old man” light blue baggy ones. I had to wonder if Louisa laughed at him when they spent the nights together – when he got down to his boxers? Better still, it is fun to think of him naked and performing in bed isn’t it? I had not thought about her not wearing jeans in series 6. You are right. I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that she is living in the surgery and feels she too must look more professional? Ordoes she never get time to change and kick back? She IS the headmistress too and may feel it is time to dress differently. I say, “get your jeans on girl”! He obviously liked you in them before so why change? I think it is funny that they are seen cooking and eating at home but never doing anything else except cleaning up, folding a few baby things, and talking in bed before going to sleep. I guess he did read the medical journal to James Henry but they never seem to play with him or do fun stuff. The kid will be a dud at this rate! I think Louisa should teach Martin how to play on the floor with James – he could learn to wrestle and tickle him and to play with his toys. That would be SO funny!

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