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I haven’t published anything in a little while and wanted to let you know that I do plan another post soon. I have to admit, however, that I am struggling to come up with meaningful post ideas. I have been planning to write a short story with a DM reference, but not really fanfiction. If I reach a point where I’m happy with it, I will decide what to do with it and let you all know.

Please keep checking and see what you think about my next post. Thanks for being readers of this blog. Karen

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  1. Barb

    Your blog and the people who comment are very interesting. I get so much joy from reading it. Perhaps we could come up with some topics for you to explore too although you have covered things quite thoroughly. Also if you don’t mind and since I’m kind of new here, I’d like to try reply to some of your early articles. I have lots of things going or that should be going, but I’ll do what I can.


  2. Post author

    You are certainly welcome to respond to any post any time. I’m also game to tackle topics of interest if I think I can say something of value. Thanks for continuing to read the blog!

  3. Madelyn Grossman

    Hi Karen,

    I’ve just been wondering, why do you think Martin’s hemaphobia came back?

    If I remember correctly the first time he throws up after curing himself is directly after the birth of his son and then awhile goes by before his aversion to blood comes out again. I think it was with Ruth’s stalker.

    Maybe deep down he has a fear of being like his parents and maybe his passive acceptance of non-involvement during Louisa’s pregnancy is part of his fear of being a father.

    I know this is all conjecture but I’d love to hear additional opinions.

  4. Carol

    Dear Madelyn, I hope I am not being too forward in replying to your comments but I have a major theory about why the phobia returned. I think one of the biggest clues was in S6E1 when Doc was riding to the church and seeming afraid to get out of the taxi. Then, when he saw Louisa at the door of the church , if you noticed, he took a huge breath. Just couldn’t get over it. Completely overwhelmed by the fact that all of this was actually happening. She showed up.

    Then, throughout the marriage, as it begins to develop, and marriage, to me, IS very different than living together – in a good way usually I hasten to add – the things that Ruth reminded him of ( and saw for herself I think) began to pile up on him subconsciously. Just like his earlier suppression that patients were bodies and no more, and then that piled up on him until he realized he was operating on “somebody’s wife, somebody’s mother”. The love and connection from someone whom he so feared would eventually reject him, culminated in the phobia returning, the insomnia, the pushing her away.

    For those of us who have these subconscious layers, they hover like a snake ready to pounce, and when they pounce, they bring up all kinds of physical symptoms. Poor Martin – all of his seem to come out in ways that make him unable to do the one thing about which he believes in himself – medicine.

    Anyway, that’s my theory. My hope is that a therapist will help him to learn to recognize the vipers before they emerge from their hidey-holes, and keep them back in there until they eventually go away, or at least become manageable. I love Martin, and I feel for him. I want him to get much better, for his sake as well as Louisa’s and James Henry’s.

  5. Santa Traugott

    I think, too, (following up on a very insightful post on Digital Spy) that actually forming a family of his own, must have really reminded him of the absence of love and care in his own childhood (not entire, b/c of Joan and Phil) — the contrast must have been very striking, and perhaps even anxiety provoking, as he keeps trying to suppress those memories, until Ruth forces him to confront them.

    I agree too that marriage is different to cohabitating. There comes a point when the honeymoon is over, and the real work of figuring things out, compromising, etc., begins. Plus — there’s no backing out for him now, and the whole confusing and somewhat chaotic reality of married life, I may have become overwhelming, but facing up to that thought might have been anxiety provoking as well.

    So the phobia operates to “bind up” that anxiety.

    Actually, the return of the blood phobia might even be “over-determined” — multiple factors pushing toward it.

  6. Post author

    Madelyn, I haven’t responded to your question as quickly as I should have, and I apologize. I have been giving it some thought, however. Both Carol and Santa have written their views and given us some interesting ideas. I have both a practical response and a somewhat psychological one. I believe you’ve got the moments when he has a reaction correct. The baby is covered with blood from the delivery and that brings on some nausea. Then there’s a hiatus during which the phobia is not prominent. The phobia returns full-fledged when Campbell shows up in S6E3. Of course he vomits in the last episode too, but since the show began, he has not been unable to complete a task because of his fear of blood. He just doesn’t like having to deal with it again and wants to get to the bottom of its reappearance.

    My practical view is that throughout this show a doctor who is afraid of blood has been milked in all sorts of humorous ways. The villagers mock him, his receptionists want to help him and make fun of him too, he has to find ways to throw up without being noticed. It’s a gag that keeps on giving. Obviously the whole idea of a doctor who is scared of blood is simply incongruous, especially a surgeon. Most of the time M manages his phobia quite well, bandaging patients, cleaning wounds, taking blood, etc., even though he struggles. Again, the struggle is funny most of the time. We are given the conditions under which M first became hemophobic, and we know that it subsided for a while and has now returned. We could ask what made it subside as well as what made it return. Did his effort to desensitize himself work? Maybe for a short time he was able to repress it. Many psychological problems have cycles, and maybe he cycled out for a while but couldn’t keep it from cycling back. We don’t have much to go on in the show.

    Another practical reason it returned is that MC lost a lot of weight and there was a need to find some story line that could explain that. But they could have planned to bring it back anyway. When it returns, he’s no longer willing to try to dismiss it. Why does it bother him more this time around? It could be any of the reasons Carol and Santa have given, or it could be their typical routine of having something interfere with M and L’s relationship. This time he’s hiding his phobia from her as well as all the testing he’s been doing on himself. In my mind it’s pretty common for men, in particular, to not divulge a weakness to their wives. Not that women aren’t secretive about personal problems too.

    The return could end up being a way for them to confront something that happens with JH. Having his son get injured might bring them together and lead to overcoming his phobia. We’ve seen how often medical problems have brought them together. L’s surgery and his repair of her AVM have already been a breakthrough for him. That may be enough to help with his hemophobia.

    Ruth certainly tells him the source of his hemophobia in her mind is his cold father and remote mother (or is it the other way around?), so they seem to be indicating a psychological basis due to his childhood exists. Perhaps the whirlwind of getting married and having a son already is overwhelming; it could also be a source of comfort. Finally he has a real family-one that he loves and who love him. He needs help knowing how to handle it all (don’t we all at times), but he admits it in the final episode of S6. Acceptance is a good step towards being able to get down to the business of treating a disorder or any major difficulty.

    There’s every indication that S7 is going to be much more upbeat and bring this couple together again. I would be surprised if we get a thorough analysis of what brought on his hemophobia originally or what brought it back. Most of these conditions are due to many factors and we can’t necessarily pinpoint exactly what the cause is. I know I’m being such a downer with my explanation. Sorry. I still find it hard to speculate beyond what we’ve been told/shown.

  7. Madelyn Grossman


    Thank you Carol, Santa and Karen for your answers. You gave me a lot to think about.

    I do agree it was probably a combination of traumas from his upbringing and possibly the reality of staying in Port Wenn, being a father, a husband, etc. I don’t think that Martin has a very good opinion about himself. He knows he is difficult and I’m sure he didn’t get a lot of positive comments from his awful parents, who are both in my opinion remote, cold and just mean (yuck). When you have a child, a wife you lose some control over your life and for Martin being in control is very important.

    I understand that conjecture is very hard to do but as in each series there is at most 8 episodes, I think they leave it up to us to fill in the gaps. There are many things we will never know about Martin and the other characters but my mind keeps going looking for answers.

    Everybody have a nice day.

  8. Linda

    I am confounded about why they stayed in Port Wenn when he was supposed to go to London in October? Has time just slowed down for artistic purposes or what? Series 6 ends at term end when Louisa was leaving for Spain and I think she told Margaret that James was 9 months old.

  9. Post author

    Linda, thank you for your many comments. I don’t know if you are the same Linda who wrote comments before from a different email address. If so, welcome back. If not, welcome to the blog.

    I thought I’d reply to a couple of your comments because I might be able to enlarge on what you say. As far as staying in Portwenn goes, the simplest reason for staying is that he told L at the end of S5 that he would stay in Portwenn because that’s where she is and he wants to be with her. L has said all along that she wants to stay in Portwenn and remain in her job as the headmistress of the school. She told Danny that in S2 and she’s told M that many times. She was willing to accompany M to London with James about midway through S5, but he knew she really wasn’t going to like it and admitted as much to Ruth. The practicalities of the show also would not allow it — if either of them were to move to London, the show would have to move there to film or the show would end. Portwenn is their setting and no one who is integral to the show can leave for any length of time unless they aren’t coming back at all. Most of the characters who have left, have never returned. Only Louisa, Al, and Mrs. T have left and come back. Louisa was ostensibly away in London for 6 months, but that was between S3 and S4, so she really didn’t miss much of the series. Al traveled to Uganda for a while, but came back after having many bad experiences there. He, too, missed very few episodes at the beginning of S3. Mrs. T left due to her mental breakdown and I thought she might not return. But they decided to bring her back and make her reintroduction to Portwenn a major event. She misses 4 episodes of S6 and seems to not have changed much after her therapy.

    James’ age can be figured as follows I believe. He is born right before the end of the Summer break and Louisa is able to go back to work when the Fall term begins in September. When she makes plans to go to Spain to visit her mother, it is probably the half term at the end of May. That would make him 9 months old. Half term should only last 2 weeks so I’m at a loss to explain why she doesn’t know how long she’ll stay away. I suppose she could take a leave since she has gone through a pretty bad accident and then a separation from her husband. The school board might be inclined to be generous with her since they know her so well. Of course, all that goes out the window when M discovers L’s AVM and she has surgery. Now she won’t be leaving Portwenn, but we’ll see if she goes home with M or stays somewhere else in town at first.

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