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While I’m working on my next post, I thought I’d post this article (from the NYTimes) on vaccinations. I love how she talks about metaphors as well as what she has to say about the perceptions of vaccinations.

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4 thoughts on “More on vaccinations

  1. Mary F

    Fascinating article. I have noticed how often Louisa cringes whenever she sees Doc give someone the “jab”.
    I think as mothers we are naturally protective of our offspring and that extends throughout our lives, but especially with a new and vulnerable baby. We are under the illusion that we can protect them from the evils of the world but as Eula Biss pointed out we are all polluted by what’s in our environment and also by each other. Our fears are pretty much useless, but we are unable to give up our illusion of control.
    In one episode the Doc asks Louisa if her friend, who believes her child got autism from a vaccine, is stupid.
    When he explains the idiocy of such a belief by pointing out the facts in his usual imperious way,
    Louisa appears quite disgusted and stomps off. And she isn’t even pregnant yet.
    Which leaves me wondering if it was his manner or the facts that bothered her. Probably both.

  2. Post author

    Thanks for appreciating the article Mary. There’s so much in it that is important.

    During that scene with Louisa I got the impression that she was exasperated with him for his unyielding and superior manner as much as about the facts. It’s another case of Martin having no patience for anyone he considers ignorant for whatever reason. Louisa always likes to see things from more than one perspective. Here, she takes into account how the mother might be feeling just as she does when allowing parents to bring their children to school even if impetigo is a possible risk. I think the consulting doctor on the show knows that doctors can seem imperious to laymen, especially mothers. Too often the solution to a medical problem involves more than simply knowing what medicine to take or how to handle the circumstances. Life isn’t as simple as just knowing the facts!

  3. Mary F

    I agree that she reacted mostly to his imperious attitude. I think she is also disgusted because once again she attempts to engage him in a meaningful conversation and once again he fails at another chance to connect with her. You can see it in his face after she walks away. Marvelous acting.

  4. Linda

    That episode was very important in that it showed the dilemma parents are in in terms of making an informed choice about vaccinations! Louisa wants to consider all angles and Martin is not willing to change his stace – won’t even listen to the modern arguments. The article was a good read. I couldn’t help but wonder why so-called “stars” think they know more than the medical community about vaccinations! Still, if I had an autistic child, I’d certainly wonder if vaccines were the cause!

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