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I have finally figured out how to add a subscription option. Please subscribe by scrolling down and looking on the bottom of the right sidebar. Receive emails whenever a post is published!

Originally posted 2014-08-06 17:19:19.

3 thoughts on “Subscribe to the blog

  1. Maria

    Wonderful! Thank you, Karen. This is terrific all the way around, but especially for the cases when replies are added to older posts and are easier to miss.

  2. Post author

    I am delighted you want to subscribe! Now I need to think of more posts. Despite my hesitancy, I might take a stab at how Buddhism could be related to ME. I have been doing some thinking about it, and some reading, and will need a little more time. As always, thanks for reading the blog.

  3. Maria

    You have done an incredible job so far with topics, and a post on Buddhism and ME would definitely be interesting and undoubtedly generate a lively discussion. I have no doubt that you will continue to have new ideas to keep us busy until S7 starts, but I’m sure none of us would want you to feel pressured to come up with topics. If you did want a break, one thought might be to solicit guest posts. To keep the clear focus and your vision for the blog, they could be clearly indicated as such and of course sent to you first for vetting. Just a thought – as I said, based on the extensive range of topics you’ve developed so far, I don’t doubt that you will have plenty of more ideas of your own. I will take the liberty of speaking for everyone in saying that we are all very grateful for your dedication and everyone’s contributions to this unique and wonderful blog.

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