Where Do We Go From Here?

As you know I’ve been trying to keep this blog going even though finding something to write about is getting pretty difficult. I have one or two ideas rambling around in my head, but I’ll be honest and admit that I’m definitely stretching myself thin at this point.

From the relatively few comments people are writing, it looks like you are all experiencing “Doc Martin” fatigue. I started this blog thinking that I was mostly writing it for myself and would write it whether I had readers or not. I was delighted when people started making comments and we developed a pretty active blog. Lately, I’m getting the impression that I’m writing more for myself again. I enjoy the reading and writing, and I’ve been excited to learn a lot about all of the topics we’ve had on the blog. So, I’m very happy with how everything turned out.

I will continue writing posts whenever I think of something new that’s worth putting out there. And I am still open to any suggestions anyone might like to float. I just want everyone to know that there may be longer breaks between posts. Of course, when something significant happens, I’ll be back in force. Certainly when S7 begins, this blog will heat up again — or at least I hope it will.

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16 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Linda D.

    I have noticed that some of the “regulars” have not been heard from too but I think with the Christmas break, lots of us got away from regular writing. Also, the first posts of the new year were VERY interesting but DEEP and demanding topics which were WAY above the ability of most of us to reply in meaningful ways. I had to think a lot about what little I said because I was SO out of my league AND because Santa and Abby were so great. In “Out of the Woods”, I wasn’t sure what kind response was expected. But, I did try to respond! I thought “Acting and Aging” was a GREAT idea and thought it would generate lots of responses. I feel bad that you are feeling discouraged Karen. You have done a BRILLIANT job thus far and we all appreciate your efforts a great deal.

  2. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Linda, you’ve been a loyal participant and I really appreciate your encouragement. I do wonder what happened to some of the blog readers who were pretty actively writing comments at one time. I hope they are all well and have just been busy or reading but not interested in making comments at the moment. I think we have all been knocking ourselves out trying to keep the blog going, and we’ve come up with many more ideas than I would have ever guessed. Much of what we have been discussing simply uses the show as a springboard for thinking about all sorts of ways to look at psychological constructs. It’s been enlightening even if it has been quite deep and demanding of us.

    I really do wonder if there’s just a bit of fatigue and frustration due to the long time between the end of S6 and the beginning of S7. I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. And I’ll be keeping the blog open no matter what. I still hope to hear from a few more people at some point.

  3. Sally

    I’d like to hear some discussion about how many times Louisa has told the doc she loves him. I only remember her saying,” I love you “after their night together drinking wine.

  4. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Sally, I think I said something about this at one time, but I don’t remember which post it was in. Anyway, I think you are right that Louisa has rarely said “I love you” to Martin. When she says it to him the night they drink wine, he’s fallen into a deep sleep and doesn’t hear it. I have to believe this is a deliberate omission. Even so, it’s curious that she manages to find a way to compliment him occasionally throughout the series, but has only said she loves him once. She remarks about being worried about him, finding him different but liking that about him, and about admiring his abilities as a doctor. She also defends him to others, including his mother. So she gives us and him fairly good evidence that she cares deeply for him.

    Nevertheless, perhaps he needs to hear her say nice things to him just as much as she needs to hear them from him, and his hesitancy about where he stands with her may be linked to needing to hear her say she loves him too.

  5. Mary F.

    Just to refresh your memory Karen, he does indeed hear her say “I love you” but it was the morning after the drinking binge, remember? After Pauline takes pictures of him sleeping on floor with the dog…so funny!!

  6. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    You’re right. For some reason I had it in my head that she said it when she touched his head. But now that you mention it, it was the next day and he accused her of Erotomania.

  7. sandy1809

    I agree with Sally, discussion on this topic would be fun. The pattern I’ve noticed is that DM makes a sweeping statement of sentiment to LG (usually as the result of stress…wine, baby’s birth, baby’s kidnapping) and then LG request that DM repeat those sentiments (“say it again”). On the other hand, we haven’t seen LG make any effort reassure DM of her love for him.

  8. Linda D.

    I’ve been thinking about what Sally has said about the fact that Louisa has not said, “I love you” to Martin. It seems clear that she loves him. She shows him affection often but is often angry that he bungles romantic expressions and physical touches towards her. She wants him to hold her and loves the look he reserves for her alone. She loved it when he held her hand. She knows HE loves her. Why then does SHE hold back from saying, “I love you”?

  9. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    You know Linda, now that you mention it, perhaps the reason she doesn’t say she loves him is because the one time she did, he shut her down and it hurt her feelings to be rejected like that. That would explain it to some degree, although why she wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it once they have a real commitment to each other, isn’t explained by this. They just seemed to have decided not to let her express her love for him. Maybe we could consider some of her pathology.

  10. Linda D.

    Perhaps we have been focussing so much on Martin’s inability to express his love for her that we have over-looked Louisa’s inability to do the same. She certainly loves him and she gives him the special “look” quite often but she is not demonstrative towards him in ways we might expect from her. She has been damaged by her parents just as he has and perhaps love for her was not expressed. We know they disappointed her throughout her life.

  11. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    I think that losing one’s mother at an early age, or maybe any age, is very traumatic. Louisa’s mother didn’t die, but she left her daughter and was essentially out of the picture after Louisa was 11 years old. If you have read Donna Tartt’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Goldfinch, you know that there are many young people in the book who lose their mothers, either through death or estrangement, and they suffer in many ways. There’s no question that someone like Louisa would have been damaged by that loss. Plus, Eleanor continues to be very self-centered once she reappears and she abandons Louisa again at a bad time in Louisa’s life. We have evidence in the show that Louisa has made some effort to stay in touch with her mother by writing to her about her pregnancy. She has also turned to her mother for childcare and, later, for comfort when she leaves Martin during S5. It’s also significant that Louisa plans to fly to Spain to be with her mother when she is once again moved to leave Martin. Even after the many times her mother has let her down, Louisa looks to her for a safe haven. This is a topic I am interested in and would love to hear about from others.

  12. Santa Traugott

    There’s a little conversation going on at Digital Spy about social class in DM, but I think it deserves perhaps more systematic treatment. I would argue that commentary about class distinctions runs through it; although I’m not sure how much is actually intended.

  13. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Thanks for the heads up Santa. We’ve had some discussion of that here, but could do more I suppose. I am actually trying to write another post right now. I realize I’ve been silent for a long time and want to do something to remind everyone I’m still here. I have been away for a little while and will be leaving again soon. February is a good month to travel and be somewhere else. Please check for a new post soon.

  14. Barb

    I just want to let you know that I’m still here Karen. I became so depressed, I was unable to really function. My Dr. suggested therapy etc., so I’ve been doing that. I am getting better. My Dr says if I learn to meditate, I will get over it. I find it very hard to quiet my mind enough to meditate, but I’ll keep trying. I did see the one about Mindfuness that was posted. I’ll look into that more. I do check on the blog now and then, but I haven’t been able to respond. There are also so many good replies… mine don’t seem needed anyway. 🙂 I still watch old Doc Martin shows on my PBS station. I sure hope they do a good job on Season 7 because I’m hoping something they come up will help me too. Keep up the good work as you can.


  15. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Barb, I’m sorry about your depression and wish you well. If you try Mindfulness, I hope it helps. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to you getting back to a place where you feel up to writing again. Thanks for writing tonight.

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