A Break Of Our Own

As anyone who has been reading this blog can tell by now, both you readers and I have not had as much to say lately. I think I have one or two more posts in me before the next series begins, and I’d like to think you readers might have a few more things to say. But I am not surprised that we are at a point where the anticipation of a new series coupled with some fatigue over saying more about what’s happened before is leading to all of us taking a break.

Several of you have previously wanted me to continue, and I’ve tried to do my best. I will write more when I can. Currently I am once again on the road. It will probably be the end of this week before I can write another post.

Thank you, kind readers, for all your support. I expect to find much more to write about once we get into the new series.

Originally posted 2015-08-23 06:37:58.

6 thoughts on “A Break Of Our Own

  1. Gabriele

    Karen, I wonder how you will proceed when Series 7 starts to be aired in Britain. I guess you can’t watch that in the US? (ITV is not available for me here in Germany.) Or is there a way for you Americans to receive ITV?
    I’ll (sadly) be going to stop reading DM forums and blogs until I will have the opportunity to watch the new series (which will only be when the British DVD will be released).

    Yesterday I read the ITV press pack (link on digital spy forum). It was interesting, but it contains a lot of spoilers – so I’ll refrain from reading any more information about what happens in the new episodes in order not to spoil my pleasure when finally watching a hopefully enjoyable Series 7.

  2. Santa Traugott

    Gabriele, there are ways to watch ITV in the US, most of which involve going through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) such as Tunnelbear. Even after that, ITV has a couple of barriers, and it’s a little tricky. In years past, one or two people have put up online (Vimeo, I think) their recordings of the episode. Also, it is highly likely that Acorn will do as it did last series, and show the episodes one month after they originally air – thus, Oct. 7 for Episode 1. So maybe the wait won’t be as long as you think.

  3. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Sorry Gabriele, I didn’t check the blog until just now. What Santa said is certainly true and good advice. I continue to think that no matter what we read, when we actually see each episode, we will be watching something we have not had a full picture of before. I wouldn’t worry too much about what you read spoiling your enjoyment of the show. I would, however, be aware that viewers will make comments after each episode that airs in UK. You may not want to read those until you can see the episode yourself.

  4. Linda

    We HAVE been able to see episode 1 on You Tube! It was a lovely surprise for those of us who feared we would not set it for a while! I assume others will kindly post the other episodes as well so let the discussion begin! I’ve been off the grid for a while and feeling like a drug addict on methadone but I ‘m back home now and excited to see what others are thinking. It’s already interesting to see how Martin has changed and we eagerly await Louisa’s

  5. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Linda, it’s so good to hear from you! I’ve seen episode 1 also and have some thoughts. I needed a day to recover from the Labor Day weekend and will try to write something soon. We need to get started, don’t we?

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