Everything old is new again

Here’s something to lighten our recent discussions.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to see that the new fashion styles being advertised hark back to the days that I suggested seemed retro when I wrote about the dresses Louisa wears. So much of fashion gets recycled over the years.

It looks like the little floral dresses we are used to seeing Louisa wear are now being promoted as great choices for Spring. See

It  might just be an Easter thing, but there are certainly more stores making pretty floral dresses available this year! (I gotta say most of them don’t appeal to me! But then again, I’m not the right age for them either.)

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5 thoughts on “Everything old is new again

  1. JThompson

    Ohhhhh, thank you for that link! (They ship to Australia!!!) I love the style of dresses Louisa wears as it’s a style I wear often. It’s never really been out of fashion here (maybe it’s our climate) and suits me but then I’m in my late 50’s and the same size (approx. US 4) that I was in my 20’s.

  2. Linda D.

    Thanks for the Nordstrom link Karen. It does appear that florals and little dresses are “in” again! My daughter arrived with two floral dresses just this week as a matter of fact! It does seem that “everything old is new again”! When stretch ski pants with stirrups come back, then I’ll REALLY believe that! I should point out that Louisa lives in Portwenn where there is NO winter and very little inclement weather other than wind. She can head off to work in a breezy little dress (or skirt) and a cardigan which looks nice and probably feels nice too. She always wears stockings and wedges and accessorizes well. I imagine it is hard to walk in other heels. I bet they have her in wedges to make her taller next to Martin. The costume choices for Louisa were obviously meant to make her appear both feminine and professional and set her apart from the average woman in the village. Martin clearly noticed her on that plane! Most of the other villagers we see are in casual pants or longer skirts. Of course, the girls who hound Martin on the street are ALWAYS in short shorts! Ruth wears rather warmish stuff ALL the time. I wonder what Louisa would wear in a real winter????? She does have pants and boots but we rarely see her in them for work. She sports her jeans and a sweater or a cute summer blouse and capris for hotter days. We never see her in a short skirt or shorts though. Even though Martin is always in a suit, she still favours her jeans and sweaters. She must feel confident about her “look” and Martin seems to like her just as she is! She is SO lucky that she looks good in everything! She is such a beautiful woman and she is ageing beautifully.

  3. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Sorry it took me this long to reply. I am glad I could be of service to you! This style can be very flattering on the right person. It’s certainly very feminine!

  4. kjacobson@mindspring.com Post author

    Linda, you probably remember that I discussed a lot of your clothing comments in my post titled “An In Depth Look at Louisa” and again in the post “‘See the garment, think the person.'” As you say, CC would look good in many outfits. The fact that they have chosen to use floral dresses and cardigans is certainly to establish a style that is both conservative, professional, feminine, and associated with this character. Now that I see that floral dresses have returned to being in fashion, I have to assume the retro look is in vogue and Louisa’s clothing choices might end up being more in style than stylized.

  5. Mary F.

    I think Louisa always looks lovely but they never have her wear sleeveless tops because Caroline Catz apparently has a rather large rose tattoo on her left shoulder, which would be quite out of character!

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