I apologize if the title is misleading and you were expecting a more important topic. This title could have been an in depth look at first times for things that happen in the show or something.

I admit I’m getting a little silly now, but I have a question to ask. Do you clean as you go when you’re cooking or wait until you’re finished and clean everything then?

There was this great bit in “All in the Family” years ago when Archie was watching Michael put on his socks and shoes. Michael put on his left sock, then his left shoe, and Archie was appalled. Archie tells Michael you should put on both socks, then both shoes. What if there’s a fire? Michael responds that at least he’d have on one shoe. I almost always think of that when I’m putting on my running shoes: sock and a shoe, or sock and a sock?

In S6 on DM when Louisa is cooking, Martin comes in and wants to find things to do. He starts cleaning the cutting board and she tells him she still plans to use it. He says she should clean as she goes and gets an “Oh Really” answer from her. She wants him to stay out of her way and tells him to feed the baby.

So now I’m always thinking about how I clean as I go when I cook. It’s so funny how something minor like that can stand out and sometimes cause conflicts!

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  1. Santa Traugott

    Definitely, clean as I go, clean as I go. Can’t stand a messy kitchen. Sadly, like Louisa and Martin, my husband is a proponent of the” dirty every pan in the house and worry about it later” school.

    I remember the shoe discussion between Archie and Mike, and also often think about it.

    Once, when Martin Clunes was on a British quiz show called “Would I Lie to you?” — where the object is to tell a story and have the other panelists guess whether you’re telling the truth or not — he told a story about always wanting to make sure his life didn’t get into a rut, down to consciously varying the order in which he put his socks and shoes on in the morning. He swore it was true.

  2. Post author

    I’m the same-clean as I go. I don’t have to worry about my husband much. He’s a sit and wait until dinner is ready guy.

    I wonder what else MC varies? Maybe which dog he walks first?

    It’s good to hear from you Santa.

  3. Linda D.

    I had to REALLY think about this. I have obsessive compulsive husband who REALLY cleans well and a lot! Lucky me! I like a clean tidy space too. We have had our daughter and “sin-in-law” living with us for 6 months and THEY ARE SLOBS!!!!! It has gone remarkably well considering the clothes on the floor, and dishes in the sink – clean but not in the dishwasher, just a foot away. I DO try to clean as I go but if you had seen the kitchen tonight, you might have questioned that. But, I do try to get it all under control before we eat. I usually do things the same way and clean up in the same direction. I set the table for a big dinner a day ahead and try to have most of the dishes ready for cooking, well ahead of time. Unlike MC, I can’t do things in a different order or I miss things. My morning routine is very rote. I even talk to myself as I go through the steps, in case I miss out something! All in all, I am pretty crazy about being organized ahead but I have yet to put my cans on the shelf alphabetically, with the labels facing forward!

    This was a fun post Karen! It was good to get off Martin’s depression for a bit!

  4. Mary F.

    Just found this post and it is both amusing and revealing. The basic difference between Martin being uptight and Louisa being relaxed about their surroundings is often made humorous…like when Louisa purposely messes up the pencils on the kitchen table, or Martin nods approvingly of the fastidiousness of his OC nanny. Louisa sees messiness as a part of what it means to be human and being human is something Martin often finds uncomfortable and distasteful (remember his reaction to finding Pauline and Al on his kitchen table!). Disorganization doesn’t throw Louisa quite as much as it does Martin. You can’t be messy when you are a surgeon or repairing a clock.
    As for myself, I often clean as I cook. And I can’t go to bed if there is a sink full of dishes, unlike my husband who is quite comfortable with a mess, but to a point. He can’t stand a dirty bathroom even though he refuses to clean it himself. This used to really bug me but after 25 years I think well, at least he cleans the cars and mows the lawn or folds/puts away laundry. You can’t have everything.

  5. Post author

    Mary, I like what you thought of when you saw this post. Your point about messiness as part of being human is really insightful to me. A little bit of clutter isn’t so bad and could mean your priorities lead to less time spent keeping things neat and orderly while you enjoy your family, other activities, and life in general. Louisa considers herself and her house as tidy, while Martin snorts at that assertion. Here’s another occasion in S6 when Martin treats Louisa with some derision.

    Surgery requires precision, and probably tinkering with clocks does too, but I’m not sure all surgeons are as fastidious at home as they are in the operating room. I think ME has a touch of OCD in him along with so many other idiosyncrasies. I doubt any spouse would be able to match his proclivities and Louisa comes pretty darn close in many ways. Her personal appearance as well as her dedication to and competence in her work certainly measure up.

    Those of us who struggle with a spouse who has different standards and won’t alter their behavior much are in a difficult position. Just how much do we put up with and force ourselves to accept? We see a little of that in ME insofar as Louisa doesn’t meet his criteria exactly, but he’s managing to tolerate her patterns of behavior for the most part. I’m sure we’re supposed to think that her habits are another thing that is making married life hard for him.

    Thanks for your contributions!

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